Monday, February 22, 2010

Long time no blog... or whatever. :)


After a comment by Rick on this post, I was wondering whether everybody feels this way. I mean, we've all been (forced to) getting used to the Ribbon. And I have to say, it's been a fairly easy transition.

The Factory have made a good effort and I find the setup (mostly) logical. And I want to know how you guys feel. Do you find everything is in its proper place, are you searching for some functions or would you rather go back to the GUI of R2009?

Go forth and vote! And feel free to leave a comment on what you were looking for or why you hate the Ribbon.


  1. Nick Baxter said...
    I've been working with the ribbon for about 6 months now. Autodesk's reasoning for the ribbon is to help discover new tools, which I agree it does well. However, it adds 1-3 steps/clicks for every tool you use. I now only use the ribbon for things I do rarely, and I associated shortcuts to everything I use regularly. When I do go look for a tool, since it is for that rare item, it is usually not in the place I expect it to be. For example, the 'Sheet Issues/Revisions' dialogue box is found under the view tab, and you have to click the diagonal down arrow next to 'Sheet Composition.' That seems complicated to me, and if you don't know how Revit works with revision clouds, it is not very intuitive. That is my three cents.
    Oliver said...
    Hi Nick,

    I agree with you assessment. I have been using the shortcuts a lot as well.

    What I also find is that the aim to only have a command appear only once has failed. You Sheet/Revision is actually a good example. It's not only hidden under that small arrow, but also in the Manage-Tab in the Settings drop-down menu.

    Let's see what R2011 brings...

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