Monday, February 1, 2010

Here are the results for this weeks Vote of the Week:

Looks like a lot of you use the render function in Revit for final presentations.

We have decieded against that, as we are afraid that the models will get too big and cumbersome to be effective. Please comment on whether that's the case and what kind of experiences you've had.

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  1. Nick Baxter said...
    I would vote for the everything really category. Clients and principals LOVE the BIM aspect and seeing something tangible as it progresses. This helps catch errors, and make changes on the fly. More often than not, we use a simple 3D view for presentations to clients but will use the Render feature in Revit for a 'Final' presentation used in marketing or a finished presentation. If it is used as a finished product, you should be able to purge the file to save space and render with it, but if it is too big, Revit will crash. If you frequently render, use 3DS Max instead, otherwise, Revit is a decent tool--if you manage your file and memory properly.

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