Monday, February 15, 2010

The results are for the Vote of the Week, weeks 6 and 6 of 2010.

 Not unexpectedly the majority of you uses dwg/dxf to exchange information between the parties concerned.

What I found interesting is that there is nobody using the ifc-format and that there are still a few people using paper.

At the office we are using a combination of pdf and paper, but are trying to start using other means, like native rvt or at least dwf.

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  1. Spinnacre said...
    I really like this post. I just wish that DWF was a part of the survey. It finally seems to be picking-up adoption. Even though it needs some work as far as it's demands on computer resources, DWF has real potential to displace PDF as the information exchange mechanism of choice. IFC is no surprise to me as a BIM Manager, it really is a weak link in information exchange. Check this post out: VDC Blog

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