Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Today I was looking to change the line style for the Property Line.

So I started looking in Ribbon > Manage > Settings > Line Style. Obvious place, I thought. But no luck.

This property actually resides in the Object Styles: Ribbon > Manage > Settings > Object Styles.


  1. Rick said...
    Why ALL line type settings for ALL line based objects can't be located in one place is beyond me. Revit has so many stupid idiosyncrasies !!!
    Anonymous said...
    Thanks! I was just looking for this and had used the same logic in my search. Fortunately for me you had posted so I could find the answer!
    Dan said...
    Thank you soo much. looked all over. we shouldnt have to google these things but since we do its nice to have people like you helping us out!!
    mohamed said...
    This is wahid, Today i was teaching Revit 2011 for one of my student.Suddenly they asked how to change the colour of property line. somehow i managed and searched in the web site, now i am clear.

    Thanking you so much


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    Ameer said...
    very helful..thank you

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