Friday, January 29, 2010

"Stairs require no more than two boundaries" Anyone seen this before? Yes?

I get this almost every time I try to make a stair that is not 100% straight and has more than one run.

As an example I was trying to make this stair:

So I went ahead and created 3 runs. Note the way the boundaries are not really what I want:

So I tried:
  • moving the boundaries one by one: error
  • deleting the ones that are wrong and redrawing them: error
  • deleting all boundaries and drawing them by hand: error
What  finally worked was tab-selecting the entire boundary-line and moving the handle.

The issue with this is af course that it makes it impossible to make rounded boundaries, but at least I got this stair done.

Now if I could only make Revit create a monolithic stair like this.


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    you are amazing!

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