Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Ever wanted to tag wall with a letter so you can then just write a summary with all wall types and their makeup? Well, in Revit 2010, you can. Easily.

What you are looking for is the Type Mark.

Once you have given your wall family type a Type Mark you can create a wall-schedule only with Type Mark and Type Comments. Don't itemize and sort after Type Mark and you get a nice list of all used wall types, sorted by their marks.

And now the big TIP: if you want to list multiple items under the comments (like the makeup of the wall), you can multiline them by pressing [ctrl]+[enter]. It won't show on the schedule, but once you place it on a sheet, the multiple lines will become visible.


  1. Fast Eddy said...
    Thanks for the help...very useful!
    sarah hormann said...
    For some reason my wall schedule shows a wall type for ever wall i have. for example i have 30 walls that are wall type 4. I don't want wall type 4 to show up 30 times in my schedule. is there anyway to change this?
    Anonymous said...
    Under the Schedule Properties window, Sorting/Grouping tab, uncheck the box at the bottom where it says "Itemize every instance." That should show you only wall types, instead of every wall.

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