Tuesday, July 7, 2009

As I have already mentioned, we are switching CAD-packages at the moment. That means that we have a quite extensive library in the old system, but not much for Revit. For the most part, they are not compatible, since Revit is 3D, whereas our old system was 2D.

There are a few areas however, where the old symbold are still valid. One example are cars and trucks in situation drawing.

So I figured I export the truck as dxf, import it into a line-based detail family, draw over the lines and save. Little did I know that this can be done so quickly.

The trick? The line picking tool:
Since dxf is line based (duh!) this tool actually finds the lines in the imported dxf-file. So all I have to do is to select the lines I need and they get drawn! (the magenta lines are the original dxf, the black ones I "drew")
I am loving this!


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