Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Before coming to Revit, our company had a standard color scheme for the usage of rooms: living rooms were light yellow, wet rooms were dark blue, etc. Simple enough. Alas, when creating a color-scheme from scratch in Revit, it just picks more or less random colors and populates the list. Not what I had in mind.

One way of avoiding this is to pre-define room-names with corresponding colors in the color schemes and then just applying the room names. Not really practical when you work on very different types of buildings and create plans in three different languages.

So this is what I did:

1. In the Template I added a Project Parameter named "color on drawing" and applied it to "Rooms"
2. Still in the Template I opened the Color-Scheme dialog (Ribbon->Home) and created a new color scheme I named "Based on color" (not very imaginative, I know...)

and populated it with our standard colors.3. Save the Template.

Now when I create a new project based on this template, I get a variable "color in rooms" in my room properties with a drop-down-menu of the available colors. These stay the same in all our projects.

Corporate Identity Rocks! :)


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