Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Getting the North Arrow right on my sheets was not a high priority for me up until now. I mean, if it's about right, it's OK. Right?


I realized that I rely heavily on north arrows put on a sheet by other people and I started asking myself, whether these people unknown knew what they were doing. So to be sure that others using my drawings get the correct information, I asked myself how to do this properly.

I started with getting a situation drawing from official channels. Here I know that North is North. I then proceeded to rotate my Project North so that the first setup of the building aligns with the official map. (Making sure that my View was set to True North.)

Now I know True North and Project North. The angle between them is something like 112,443599125 degrees. About. More or less. Something like that.

Right. Not much help there.

So instead of solving this with numbers I went ahead and drew a "north arrow" with reference planes in this view.
(The long end points to True North.)

Problem solved.

I can now go into any view and I have my "North Arrow" point to True North. I can then place my North Arrow Symbol correctly on any sheet.

And if I had paid attention as to where I had placed these reference planes in relation to the drawing I might have had the correct insertion point on my sheet as well. But then, that would have required thinking and planning ahead...


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