Thursday, February 10, 2011

Almost to the day one year ago I posted Part II of the catenary line. And since I got a comment on if I was ever going to finish it, I thought it about time.

Sadly I don't have the files anymore, but I'll discuss the technique I used back than. I just won't have pictures. Sorry.

To start off there is one addition I have to make to the last post: the parameter nr needs to be an instance parameter!

The next step is to open a new Conceptual Mass and start placing the family created in the previous post. Place the family on the x/z-plane with the origin as insertion point. By changing the nr parameter for each instance to a unique number (with the maximum of 8, since that is what we put down as nr_of_segs as a type parameter) the lines will move and adjust automatically.

At the end you should have a row of lines that form a catenary line. Play around with the parameters to get the exact shape that you want, import it into you project and use the lines to draw trusses, walls, sweeps, or whatever.

I hope this last step works without pictures. Should you have questions, please drop a comment and I'll try to answer them. Good hunting!


  1. Rob said...
    Hi Oliver,

    I followed your directions verbatim but the result was a uniformly distanced set of points along a straight line. Did you ever test this to the finish line? I could send you my RFAs if you give me a contact.


    Rob Narracci
    Mohamad Jamil Kayali said...
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    Mohamad Jamil Kayali said...
    I have followed the steps exactly like you mentioned but it didn't worked!

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