Friday, July 9, 2010

Our office is making use of a commercial solution for our family content. Most of the time this saves on creating families on your own and makes the workflow that much quicker.

Other times it does not.

Anyway. They have just published a new Poject Template to go with their solution for Revit 2011. So I figured I'd download it and take a look. That thing is almost 10MB in size!

When I went to university I took a CAD-class, where we worked with AutoCAD. (OK, not quite the same, but bear with me.) Or final project was to take an existing building of some size and create floor plans, sections, elevations and a 3D model. I did this for the Bank of China in Hong Kong.

Image courtesy of Hijme Stoffels

Quite fun. :)

But here is the kicker: we had to turn this in on one floppy disk! You know, these weird, 3.5" big, plastic square things that held 1,44M!

I know that memory does not cost as much as it used to, but sending files to others via e-mail is still limited. (Yes, I know, there is online storage avaliable. Yes, I know, some of it is even free. But not everyone is comfortable with this. Or knows how to use it.)

Anyway. Enough ranting. I was just interested in how big your project files are before you actualle put any project-information in them.


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