Tuesday, July 20, 2010

This is one of the more drastic changes in Revit 2011. The keyboard shortcuts are handled and set differently.

In R 2010 you had the KeyboarShortcuts.txt file in the Program-directory. By changing this you changed the shortcuts.

R 2011 does things differently. Now you have a nice dialoge-box in which to set the keys:

Find the command you want, select it, and press the new keys you want assigned. By clicking on the now active "Assign"-button you activate the shortcut.

There are a few rules you have to keep in mind (this is straight from the User Reference Guide):
  • A keyboard shortcut can consist of up to 5 unique alphanumeric keys.
  • You can specify a keyboard shortcut that uses Ctrl, Shift, and Alt with a single alphanumeric key. The sequence displays in the Press new keys field. For example, if you press Control and Shift and D, it displays as Ctrl+Shift+D.
  • If a keyboard shortcut includes Alt, it must also include Ctrl and/or Shift.
  • You cannot assign reserved keys.
  • You can specify multiple keyboard shortcuts for each Revit tool.
  • You can assign the same keyboard shortcut to multiple tools. To select the desired tool when you execute the shortcut, use the status bar. See Using Keyboard Shortcuts.

On one hand I like this a lot, because everything is done within Revit and the changes happen immediately (as opposed to having to restart Revit).

However, there are a few features that I don't really like. Because you can assign the same shortcut to multiple commands there is no collision control. Once you type the command, the status bar will display the options and you can cycle through the different commands with the arrow keys and select the one you want with space (see the User Manual).

I just don't get that. I assign a shortcut to make my life easier, not give me multiple options. It is supposed to save me time, not make me type more and more letters. I would really like an option where you can have collision controle while asigning new shortcuts.

Other than that I am happy. :)


  1. Anonymous said...
    This Keyboard shortcut dialog-box was actually first introduced in Revit 2010. It was included in the service pack for the subscription customer, and now they have made it as a part of the feature. I have used it and loved it since then.

    Philip Chan
    Bjorn Keulemans said...
    To check for/get rid of double shortcuts, filter the KS dialog on All Defined and click on the shortcut column header, that will sort the defined commands by shortcut so any doubles will be listed right under eachother, giving you a quick overview of which to keep and which to change.

    No auto-detection yet, but a decent work-around.

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