Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Since we are slowly slowly moving into the direction of 2011, I figured it a good time to upgrade my TrueView to 2011 as well.

The install went fine and I opened a drawing I had just recieved from our structural engeneer. But when I wanted to measure some distances I discovered this:

No Ribbon. No measuring tools! WTF?!

After some searching around I found that there is a Ribbon in there, and that the tools I needed were still there. Relief. But it was pretty well hidden.

First I had to activate the menu:

And in the menu I found an option to actually show the Ribbon:

Lo and behold. Our Ribbon's back. And, as far as I can see, it has not changed with respect to R2010. So back to work and luckily I don't have to start looking for an alternative viewer - as the good ones mostly cost extra money and the free ones are not always up to scratch.

Having said this, if you know of an alternative dwg viewer that is good and freeware, drop a line!


  1. Anonymous said...
    DWF Design Review 2011, you will also be able to vire DWG's/
    Anonymous said...
    Great job finding/posting this, was driving me crazy!

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