Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Creating "deep" elevations and sections has always been an issue with Revit. Yes, you can add shadow and play a bit with the line weigths, but it just does not cover it all.

Wouldn't it be nice to be able to tell Revit to use a lighter color / linestyle once it goes beyond a certain distance into the drawing? Something like this?

Well, there is a way, even if it is cheating a bit.

What I did was basically putting two sections on top of each other onto the sheet. One section contains the main information, including all annotations, while the other is the background. Here's how I did it.

First I created two sections almost on top of each other:

On one of them (here number 1) I turned on the far scope (adjust the blue, dashed lines) and set it so that the view does not look further than all items in the foreground. This will be my main view with all the info and annotation.

On the other view (# 2) I turned everything grey using the Halftone option in the Visibility/Graphics settings:

I also hid anything I did not need (levels, the site, etc) and turned on the shadows, setting the shadow color to a relatively light color.

In the final step I went to the sheet and placed view #2 first.

This way when I place view #1 it will be displayed above #2 and cover everything that is not background.

Here we go. A nice "deep" section that will automatically update, no matter which item I change.


  1. Peter McCarthy said...
    Another way is to have a 3D view open, have your section open, then tile windows in revit. in the 3d view select all the objects towards the back, once there highlighted click into the section window (the objects should still be selected) right click and select 'Overwrite Graphics in view' select half tone from list. You get the same effect with just one view.
    Oliver said...
    There are two issues I have with this option:

    1) I find it nicer to have lighter shadow in the background.

    2) You have to redo the whole process as soon as you add something in the background.

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