Monday, April 26, 2010

I've had a chance to poke around R2011 a little further, and there are (still) a few things that don't work well - or at all. So here's a short (and propably incomplete) list:

1. Stairs:

This looks like a fairly standard staircase, no? I mean, one corner should not be too hard to make. (Note: this stair war drawn by using runs.)
Alas, 't is not so. What's with the stringer? And the railing? I still think that a 3D-approach to making stairs would be a lot better.


The help states that exp(x) is e to the power of x. So exp(1) should be e (2.7182818...)

Hmmm.Or not.

3. Selection

This is a new one. It looks like the selection lines (you know, the square you get when selection stuff with your mouse) now have a variable line thickness. Looks strange to me...

4. Help
Online help only? OK, the help was never great in the first place. But why do away with a local version? Now I have to be online all the time to get to the help. (A bit difficult when working in the train...)


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