Friday, December 11, 2009

Before buying Revit for our company about 8 months back now (still 2009), I was browsing through the forums and found the persitant oppinion, that Revit will only render in single-core mode, even if you have a multicore-machine. And even after going to 2010, that oppinion was widespread.

Since we are using Artlantis for our render work, I didn't care much.

But today I wanted a quick render and didn't feel like importing the model into Artlantis, so I figured I'd try Revit directly. And, lo and behold, Revit actually used both cores I have in my machine.

I have since then looked around further and it seems that Revit will utilize up to 4 cores for rendering.

So for quicke scenes I think I'll start using the Mental Ray engine in the future. Good to know.


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