Monday, December 14, 2009

Creating a Project Template is a fairly well documented feature of Revit. You create a new Project Template by selecting the New Project Template option, put all the walls, floors, text-styles, etc in there that you will need for a new project and save.

But what about a Revit Family Template?

No word about that in the documentation - at least not that I could find. But after some online-searching and a few tryouts I found that it is indeed possible. And quite simple, too.

The quick summary:
  • create a new family using the established templates that come with Revit
  • put the stuff in that you need
  • save as a family
  • change the ending from .rfa to .rft

That's it.

But why, you ask? Could I not just create a regular family with the content that I'll need, edit it to fit my current project and then save as a new family?

Yes, you could do that. Problem is the save as part. If you are anything like me, [ctrl] + [s] is very much ingrained into your working habit. And I for one would propably ruin this perfectly good family by the second time I edit it.

Plus, it's neater this way. :)


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