Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Stairs: Those things that make it possible to reach another floor in a building.

A Flight Of Stairs: An uninterrupted set of stairs.

Stairs With 3 Flights: Does not exist! (at least, according to Revit 2010)

Well, but in the real world, these things do exist. So how to make them?

My first try of drawing three runs and them moving them on top of each other resulted in this:
Interesting stringer there.

On my second attempt I used the same technique, but did not align the 1st and 3rd flight on top of each other:
Still not what I wanted.

So after some more try and error I came up with this:

How did I do this?

Well, as you can see, these are essentially two stairs instead of one, the second one being placed with an offset from the ground floor:Since I wanted the two landings to be part of the stair I cut the second landing in half and attached the two halfs to the two stairs.

And finally, to clean up the stringer and the railings, I made set the slopes of the flat pieces manually to flat:
Select railing > Edit path > select the flat piece > in the drop-down-menu for Slope select Flat.

And here we go!


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