Tuesday, January 10, 2012


  1. Alex Gore said...
    Thanks for the video Olive, very informative.
    aschoenberger said...
    Video was very informative. Have you managed to get to Part 2?
    Anonymous said...
    Hey oliver.
    Great video, look foreword to test it at my own. Have you finished the part 2. We are eager to see it...Philip, denmark
    Nadia said...
    Hi! I represent a company that develops value added software for Revit. We're looking to cooperate with your blog! Our product is called Revizto. It converts 3D models into navigable 3D environment with a single click, and allows users to collaborate effectively within this environment.
    Could you please reach me via mail at n.bauman@revizto.com to discuss options?
    Thank you!
    Nadmi Bau said...

    I thought you might be interested to learn that there’s a first ever AEC application with the Oculus integration in development, and you might want to try it yourself. My team is finalizing the integration now, and we’d be happy to provide you with such an opportunity. The app will allow AEC professionals and their clients to explore building design and construction projects in a truly immersive virtual reality. Please reach me via n.bauman@revizto.com if you’re interested in details.

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