Friday, December 17, 2010

I am busy creating a schedule for an area plan. I need to get the number of trees that I need to cut down, can keep and plant new. For this I created a Planting family with a few type parametes that change the appearance of the tree (e.g. the Yes/No parameter kappen (which means to cut down in Dutch) is linked to the visibility of a cross across the tree symbol).

So far so good.

I can then create a schedule with my familty types and totals. Cool.

But now I want to only see the trees left at the end of the project.

One option would be to phase the trees (set the phase demolished parameter of all trees to be cut down to the phase of the new construction), but for other reasons I did not want to go that way.

So I figured I would simply set the filter of the schedule and filter out the appropriate family type. But, lo and behold, I don't get that option!

A quick Google-search reveals that this is not a bug but a feature (or something like that).

So for a workaround I am now using the Type Mark parameter, setting it to different values for the different family types. (The other option would have been to create my own shared parameter and attach it to both the project and the family, but I'm just lazy. Plus I can now use this to tag the trees as well.)

But I don't get why I cannot filter based on family type. What would have been the trouble with this? Can someone explain?


  1. Anonymous said...
    I just ran into this exact same issue and had to employ the same workaround. I'm not sure why type is not an available field to filter with. The only thing I can think of is that type is hard coded into Revit, ie there are Family, Type, and Family and Type parameters. I'm guesing the Family and Type parameter reports the same info as the other two, so if you had them both in a schedule and filtered by one, Revit might get confused. But I am just speculating.
    Eduardo Menéndez said...
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    Eduardo Menéndez said...
    6 years since this post I came across this same schedule limitation. I use Revit2015 (is this fixed in 2016 or 2017?) Anyway check my post
    where I found a way to exclude curtain walls in a wall schedule by assigning Type Comments parameters

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