Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Finally! Abvent finally released the Plugin for Revit 2011.

At first glance things are looking good. The export work just as easy as with the Revit 2010 plugin: create a camera (not perspecitve!) and export from this view. So far so easy.

Unfortunately a few pending issues have not been resolved.

One major drawback is still the inability to export any toposurface properly. No matter whether you have severaldifferent regions, subregions or a combination of the above, each with different materials applied, you get one big blob with the material Default.

This is of course nothing new and the workaround is to save different surfaces in different files and then load them as separate objects into your Artlantis project, but still... A missed  chance here.

I wonder if they will ever get this to work.


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