Monday, August 31, 2009

I use the temporary measure tool quite a lot, especially when working on projects other people have started and/or are working on. But I sometimes have a har time reading the result, as the text is pretty small:
Well, after a quick search online, I found the solution at the Revit Clinic:

  • Close Revit
  • Locate the Revit.ini file under C:\Program Files\Autodesk Revit Architecture 2010\Program (or whereever you have installed Revit)
  • Open it in Notepad (or similar)
  • Locate the [Graphics] section
  • Add the following parameter into a new line: TempDimFontSizeInPoints = X (X being the font-size in points)
  • Save and close
  • Open Revit
Here is the result. (For illustration, I set the size to 20.)


  1. drafting maggie said...
    first comment... THANKS!

    now a question - is there a way to change the color of that same text?
    Oliver said...
    Hi drafting maggie,

    None that I am aware of. Revit really likes its blues and blacks. Maybe R2011 will offer something in this direction.
    Ian said...
    I have followed this issue. And it works just great, except that now, when I am placing window or door in a wall, the listening dimensions show but there are no numbers w/ the dimensions ... any thoughts?


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